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  • Full PVTA Schedule available offline
  • Real-Time Bus Tracking
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Live Map

See all bus stops near you and buses
updating live on the map


Complete PVTA Schedules available,
even offline

Real-Time Bus Tracking

Never wonder where the bus is

User Reviews



The updating map function is my favorite!

by yi_D

Excellently recommended


Anyone who attends UMass needs this app! Super helpful, especially with the frequent, real-time updates on if the buses are running late. Saved me from standing in the cold for extra time ;)

by Mnf1991

Can not be more useful when bus is late


by JohnTian

Let me just say...


Life saver. That is all.

by Vidal10



Fantastic. Simplicity meets usefulness.

by Jahson Hollett

Great App


[...] This is probably the most useful app on my phone.

by sraposo

Story behind the app

Started in 2011 as a science project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, this app evolved into an important utility for students.
The project was to build an app that fetches bus locations frequently, displaying and updating them on a map, without wasting too much battery. Previously, bus locations were published by UMass Transit, now the data is provided by PVTA (Pioneer Valley Transit Authority).

Now, UMass BusTrack is used by thousands of students daily and it helps them catch the bus every day. It provides the complete PVTA schedule, which can be used offline. Furthermore, the real-time bus tracking feature allows users to see where the bus is while waiting at the bus stop.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and, since March 2014, also available for Android Smartphones.

Görkem Güçlü


iOS Version 1.0


iOS Version 3.0



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